February 21, 2017

Lone Pine

Lone Pine, CA

I had the pleasure of going to Lone Pine to shoot a short film (Manifest Destiny) and fell in love with the place.  Prior to shooting this film, I had never heard of Lone Pine.  What the heck is Lone Pine? Where the heck is it? What is there to do?  Well, let me tell you…not a whole lot! That is, if you’re a city person.  But if you love nature and hikes and beautiful scenery?  Pfff! Then I highly recommend visiting this spectacular place! So of course, I went back for pleasure.

You can get lost in the Alabama Hills!  I hiked around for almost four hours (with Carlos, of course) and we only trekked about 1 1/2 miles.  Haha. Mainly because we kept going in a circle! But it is so beautiful.  At one point, we reached a super high hill and stood still and heard absofuckinglutely nothing!  It was eerie.  It was intense.  But man, did it make me feel alive.  No wind.  No animals.  No people.  Not even a whisper.  Nothing.  Just my own breath.  And! luckily for us, right when we decided to hike back to our car, it started to rain.  It was amazing!

Not only does Lone Pine offer hiking in the Alabama Hills, but there’s the majestic Mount Whitney (didn’t get a chance to go), but you could totally see it.  So much snow!  The town is also super cute.  One saloon.  One coffee shop.  Like three restaurants.  Small town, so much awesomeness! There’s also the Museum of Western Film History.  So many western films and commercials were shot in Lone Pine.

I do recommend buying some food or snacks at the grocery store if you’re a late night eater like myself.  Everything closes around 8:30pm.  I know because the first visit to Lone Pine, I arrive roughly around 8:25Pm, and I drove up to the drive thru at McDonalds, and the lights shut off.  NOOOOOO!!! I drove around, got out of my car, saw a man eating inside, and thought, “YES!, I’M SAVED!” Walked up to open the door…and it was locked! Tried the other side of the door.  Same thing. Then I grabbed both door handles and shook the shit out of it.  I realized they weren’t going to open the door. But there was a man in there!  Eating his burger!! So I shook the shit out of the door again.  Don’t mess with a hungry woman.  They didn’t open up for me.  sigh.  Luckily for me, I brought instant noodle with me.  Just one small, sad bag of noodle… I ended up using the coffee maker to boil my water, and ate the noodle out of a paper coffee cup.

The second time to Lone Pine, I was prepared.  Bought a bunch of snacks! And a little flask of tequila to warm me up at the top of the hill. Hehe. Don’t judge.

Anywho, if you’re ever up for a short nature trip- Lone Pine’s the place!  Alone or with some friends.

Don’t forget your cowboy hat snoopaloop! Go! Get lost!

 Here’s a little western photo of me for the short film I shot in Lone Pine.  There’s Mt. Whitney behind this handsome beast.

 Enjoying my tequila and the view.

 His little toosh was too cold to sit on the rock so he jumped on my lap to take a gander of the beautiful scenery.

 Here’s Carl thinking that he’s the king of da world!

  Carl and I also found a little rock nook.  I could’ve easily taken a nap in it.

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