First Youtube video in a longgggg time…

February 21, 2017

First Youtube video in a longgggg time…

So this is my first youtube video in a veryyyyy long time.  And I disappeared because of that damn music video.  Yes, that was me.  I have no excuse or reason to justify why I did it.  I just know that if I were to go back, I wouldn’t have said yes.  And I am truly sorry to anyone and everyone I offended by accepting the job.  I’ve moved on from it, but it still weighs heavy in my heart.  How many long nights of crying and hating myself because people actually threatened to kill me over it?  Friends disowning me. People writing the meanest thing to a stranger.  I get it.  I offended and angered a whole community  I disappointed a lot of people.  I made a mistake.  I’m only human.  I’m now trying to move past it, and just be a better version of myself.  But I will not hide anymore.  This is my personality.  This is who I am.  If you have a problem with it, go troll somewhere else.  Once again, to those of you who believe in forgiveness and people making mistakes, to you I say, I am very sorry.  Very very sorry.  Know that I’ve dealt with the consequences.

With that being said, here’s me.  Making videos again on a new youtube channel because someone hacked my old one.  What is life if you’re always going to be afraid?

Trying to get these posters shipped out, but I can’t do simple tasks. Always forgetting things.  Places closed. Coming up with new passwords. Come on!

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