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February 7, 2017
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May 16, 2017



So for Valentines Day, I (and Carlos, of course) went to Big Bear for a couple of days.  We rented a cute fucking mountain cabin through Airbnb.  It was super cheap for a night- roughly around $125 a night.  It included a jacuzzi, two bedrooms, huge living room and cute little kitchen.  It had a little porch deck with some rocking chairs where you could just sit and sip on hot cocoa.  Or whiskey.  Mainly we sipped on whiskey.  Well… because we didn’t bring any hot cocoa.  The cabin also had a BBQ grill which we took advantage of and made a glorious steak.  Carlos loved it.  And get this- the cabin had a VHS player and was stocked with a bunch of movies on VHS!  We also brought our PS3 for Call of Duty, but we opted to watch Matilda on VHS. haha! The cabin itself was surrounded by white powdery snow.  The cabin was on such an incline that we were able to sled down the hill right 15 feet from the cabin.  It was also a 2 minute drive to town, also called The Village.

The Village offered so many cute boutiques, restaurants, and bars.  Every morning we would stop by this huge coffee shop and grab a latte and then stroll around town.  It was so quiet there.  We went on a Monday, and stayed until Wednesday, so there was a big crowd.  Plus there isn’t usually a big snowboarding/skiing crowd because it was February.  So I suggest going this month!  We had calamari and wine and sat outside a restaurant in their patio area.  The sun was shining, but there was still so much soft snow!  It was beautiful. What a way to get away from Los Angeles.

The cabin was also super close to Snow Summit.  We didn’t snowboard on this vacation (maybe next time!).  We did however stop by Snow Summit to check out the snowboarders and skiiers coming down the snowy mountain.  There’s a few restaurants and bars at the bottom of the ski mountain.  We sat there and had the best bloodymary I’ve had in a while.

When we weren’t strolling through town or eating at restaurants, we stayed in.  Why not use the cabin we rented?  Lounging in a cabin covered by snow- what an experience!  We even got into our bathing suits and jumped in the jacuzzi! And yes, we ended up sledding down the hill in our bathing suits as well.  And no! we didn’t freeze.  It wasn’t cold at all.  For a good two hours, it was warm and sunny.  So we took that opportunity to sled in our bathing suits.  Be crazy, ya know? Who cares?!

And Oh! it was my little baby’s first time in the snow.  Carlos lovedddddd it!  Man! The look on his face.  Which reminds me!  So we were at the bottom of Snow Mountain, hanging out with strangers.  Everyone wanted to play with Carlos so I decided to take him off his leash and let him roam around a bit.  You know… get belly rubs from as many people as he can.  All of a sudden, I see his ears perk up.  And he had a death stare.  He probably thought he saw a squirrel.  And before I was even able to get off my stool, he was gone.  He booked it.  Man, that dog could run.  By the time I got four steps in, he was already more than half a mile away, down the mountain, in the snow, dodging skiiers left and right.  I see him stop, and just walk away.  That thing he thought was a squirrel?  Just a kid on a sled coming down the mountain.  Haha. How he didn’t get hit by someone, I have no idea.  He ended walking back to me with a look of, “I”m sorry mom.  I couldn’t help it.  I’m a dog.”  Everyone just laughed when he came back to us with his head down because he knew he was in deep shit.

Anywho, if anyone is reading this (haha), please do yourself a favor and go to Big Bear.  It is fucking beautiful!  And the ride to and from? Please! Mother nature at her best.  So, so gorgous.  We stopped several times on the road to just take in the view.

Here are some photos

!  Had to stop by at the local Brewery first!!!!

 Here, Carlos is chillin fireside… Well, there was a fire in there somewhere…

D’awww!!! Da baby in snow for his first time!


Here’s a look inside our cabin.  It was glorious!




jacuzzi time with the son. It really wasn’t cold out. Yes, there was a lot of snow, but the weather was beautiful!



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